Cosmic with tropical accents.
Based in South Florida.

In my art I find a place where I belong, my very own invented world. I combine free expression and my obsession with details creating a somewhat controlled chaos manifesting the energy of the moment through brush strokes, lines, textures and dots, many dots. . . resulting in these alive, spacey, and organic figures that reflect how everything is connected creating something infinite.

Thru creation I find connection with my inner self as well as connection with the outside world through their interpretations of my work.

The movement in my art comes from my itinerant journey which began when I was 13 years old. I have lived in Venezuela, Chile, France, England, Argentina, and United States where I'm currently based.

In these lifelong travels I've had the opportunity to learn silversmithing, produce cultural events and present my art in various exhibitions.

The journey has taught me that the only constant in life is change and by embracing change we evolve.

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